The Legacy Collection

Legacy - a project by Nico Santana in collaboration with producer DJ Sean P & Catholic Hip-Hop website - is the story of the modern prodigal son.

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The project is comprised of an album - 13 original songs - and a short music film. The album details each phase of living life pursuing pleasures, ultimately to find that that true happiness lies in trusting God and His plans.

The short music film, which was filmed by Motion State, creates the visual components using various symbols and imagery which further highlight the themes discussed.

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As an independent artist, Nico relies on music sales, merchandise and his Patreon page to fund his projects.

He has launched the collection below to make the experience holistic, so that viewers and listeners can take their Legacy everywhere that they go. 

Legacy is the story of a man who gave up his heavenly treasure for earthly pleasure, lost it all and came back to the Source.

It is also the inspiring backdrop for many of us who are spouses, parents, and leaders that want to dedicate their lives' work to leaving a legacy for the next generation. 

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Legacy 5-Panel Hat

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Legacy Dad Hat


About the Artist.

Nico is a Colombian-American artist & producer based out of Tampa, Florida. His main mission is to uplift and inspire others with his music and videography. Nico’s music thematically focuses on faith, relationships and life’s lessons - all while mixing eclectic sounds from his diverse background as a latino-American. As a father and a husband, Nico wishes to leave a legacy for his family.


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